4 Characteristics to Describe Who You Are

I recently got back from a three day event where I received training on everything from products, team building, leadership and more.  So many great speakers and messages delivered. Truly inspirational.  This topic is one that was shared that I wanted to pass along.   These are my quick notes I took from this speaker so I hope the message comes through. 1. Being Positive “You are what you... read more

Ted Talk: Rosabeth Moss Kanter: 6 Keys to Leading Positive Change

I posted a Ted Talk a few weeks ago.   Ted Talks are given by people at the top of their industry, experts, and other leaders around the globe. Typically they last 15-20 minutes on a topic of the speaker’s choosing.   No matter what your walk of life, journey, and path you can usually find something to gain by watching a Ted Talk. Here is one I shared with some leaders at my current job.  From the power... read more