Simple Way to Improve Nutrition

I enjoy trying to eat healthy. I came across this video and thought it’s simple explanation and guidance was worth sharing.   I don’t agree with this 100% as I do believe you should try eat clean, eat a well balanced nutritious diet but the concept is great.  Check out this video. It’s a fairly simple concept – cook your own food at home and you’ll end up eating better.    We... read more

Love salsa

I love salsa. I think I get it from my mom who could always be found eating salsa by itself with a spoon.   Last night I made a batch of Salsa with items I had on hand: Tomatillos Tomatoes Jalapeno Cilantro Yellow Onion Green Onion Garlic Lime Salt and Pepper This tool is one of my favorite in our kitchen.  It’s perfect for chopping everything up for some fresh salsa.     I don’t measure... read more