About this Site


I created this site to celebrate all that makes us each similarly unique. There are plenty of forums in life to argue, tear others down, and pick apart what makes us each different. That is not what this site is about.  This site is about our similarities.  Yes we are all unique.  My thoughts, actions, beliefs, dreams are different than yours.  But although we have many differences there are many that we may share.

The way I see it we are all one in the same. We are all children of god, mother earth, made of dust, part sof the same energy…whatever your personal belief is we are all the same – we are human beings.

I believe the lama said that the purpose of this life is to seek happiness. Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in this religion or that religion, we are all seeking something better in life. So, I think the very motion of our life is towards happiness..” The lama also said We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”

Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Wicca…the only thing that is asked of each of us is to treat each other with kindness and how we want to be treated. Nothing more, nothing less. If we all live with this notion it would solve many of our problems.

That is why I started this site SimilarlyUnique so we can socialize and share anything and everything that we have in common.

I encourage you to create a login and join in.  Either comment on existing posts or create your own posts.  Comment on topics that you like. When creating a post you can also select to RESTRICT your post so only registered users can read the content, if you don’t want it available on the public site.

If you see a subject matter or a topic that you don’t agree with move on to the next one.  But please do not comment on a posting with the sole purpose to argue and disagree.  You have other avenues for that.  Even those that are the most opposite of you if you look for the similarities you will find them.    Whether you believe we are all from the same energy, mother earth, a Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Muslim, gay ,straight, married, single, young, old, in shape or have work to do we can find similarities to share and enjoy between each other.

Post about what you’d like and encourage others to join in. I know for myself I’m not a writer but have thoughts from time to time I’d like to get down ranging from serious thoughts to random ones and that is likely what you’ll see.

Live your life and love your life.  Be good to those around you. Be respectful and express kindness. That is all I ask.