Simple Way to Improve Nutrition

I enjoy trying to eat healthy. I came across this video and thought it’s simple explanation and guidance was worth sharing.   I don’t agree with this 100% as I do believe you should try eat clean, eat a well balanced nutritious diet but the concept is great.  Check out this video.

It’s a fairly simple concept – cook your own food at home and you’ll end up eating better.    We do get  busy and it’s difficult to always cook at home but do your best to try this for the next 30 days at leat 80% of the time and see what difference it makes.   For me, I also take supplements to help round out my nutrition. In addition, when I’m in a hurry and on the go and need a nutritious meal but don’t have time to make it I will make myself an Herbalife Shake - providing all the nutritious value of a meal on a simple to make and drink shake that tastes great. This helps me avoid going to a fast food drive through or grabbing something from a gas station that is processed and not that good for you.


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