2014…a Year of Possibilities

We all know what comes with this time of the year – resolutions.  I think we, including myself, often fail to capitalize on New Year Resolution’s.  Why is that?


If we look at the definition of resolution it means “a firm decision to do or not to do something” or “the quality of being determined.”

How many of us create New Year Resolutions the day before, or even the day of New Years? How can this quick decisions to jot these resolutions down be that of the quality of being determined and firm?

Instead of making New Year Resolutions take the time to properly identify what you want, what you believe, where you see yourself by the end of the year.  Break that down into areas of your life and then break that down even further to manageable actions you can take.   Take notes, write thoughts, contemplate on these ideas before you create your resolutions.  To be firm, to has the quality of being determined, it takes time to develop that mindset.

Just because today is the 1st of the year and you haven’t created your New Year Resolutions – don’t hurry the process.  Taking the time to be thoughtful around this will be more beneficial, life changing, than jotting down a few ideas to say you have New Year Resolutions.   Life is a journey and we should be reviewing our goals and path constantly, making adjustments as necessary.   If we are doing this then we always have resolutions for ourselves at all times of the year, not just when the calendar changes.

What are your resolutions that you’ve put thought into?   Taking a photo a day, writing a daily journal entry, personal development, meditation, daily devotional, better health, more fitness, eating more balanced meals,  spending time with family and friends.   I’m sure many of you have these down but take time to think about the purpose of those resolutions.  What is the goal that you want to get out of each item?  Why are you doing it? If you have no purpose for doing it then you won’t keep that resolution for long.

The pages of life are blank ahead of you and you have the ability to make it what you want.  What will you do with those pages is up to you!  The possibilities are endless.  Create the characters, story, adventure that you want to create and make it a good one!

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