That Feeling you get with that First Scratch/Dent in your New Car…

I know you can relate with me to that feeling you get when you get your first scratch or dent in your new car. I know this image doesn’t show much but this happened last night.

Our garage is small and packed with stuff so we have just enough room to park the car.  Well, as we were getting in to leave to an event last night as soon as we sat in the car some of this ‘stuff’ fell down and hit the hood of the car, producing this small scratch (and dent that you can’t see in the photo).

Don’t you just hate that feeling when you first get that scratch/dent in your new car?  You always know it is going to happen, it is almost inevitable and bound to happen sooner or later.

I remember my first time I got a scratch/dent in one of my other cars back in around 1997.  I had bought a brand new Nissan 200sx..Loved driving this little car.   Well, one morning on the wya to work I had just picked up a coworker.  I was entering the on-ramp to the freeway and looked behind to the freeway traffic and saw that the slow lane was empty and I could merge. Well, what I guess I didn’t notice was the large delivery truck in the fast lane was speeding quickly and decided to change three lanes to the slow lane at the same time.   My little car got side swiped by this big truck.   We were safe, pulled over to the side of the freeway. The truck pulled over in front of us a ways. We see the driver get out and look at his truck and see that he had no damage then he drove off.   Needless to say, my little car was banged up extensively on the driver side, window broken out, etc.   Still drive-able, I drove my coworker and I to the local highway patrol to report the accident, which the reporting officer gave me a ticket that i later fought and won but that’s a different story.

We can look at life in a similar way to this first scratch/dent.   In life it is inevitable that we are going to get hurt, lose someone, injured,feel heart ache, pain. Just like that first scratch in the car it is bound to happen but it is part of life.   Get past that initial feeling and move on. Yes your pristine new car now has a scratch in it but it still works, still operates, now with just a story to tell.  I can’t tell you hoow many physical scars I have from these small inevitable events if gone through (yes some probably were inevitable but hey, they happened and now I have a story to tell).

Emotional scratches and dents can be even tougher to endure but once you get through it you can move on…it becomes another scratch/dent that is now just a story of who and what you are, making you the person you are today.  Yes, I know there is a lot more to it than getting through it and moving on but in reality that is what needs to happen before you can truly look at the scratch as just another story.   If you are holding on to that scratch and can’t get past that it happened then you still have work to do.

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