4 Characteristics to Describe Who You Are

I recently got back from a three day event where I received training on everything from products, team building, leadership and more.  So many great speakers and messages delivered. Truly inspirational.  This topic is one that was shared that I wanted to pass along.   These are my quick notes I took from this speaker so I hope the message comes through.

1. Being Positive

“You are what you think” – Aristotle

Who tells you what to think? You do!  Your freedom begins in your thinking, not your doing. Einstein said that a thought is an energy. Do not hold on to the ones that weaken you.  Start your day with your own personal development. start with your thoughts.  You have the ability to be positive despite everything else going on around you.  Being positive is a choice – not a result of your situation.  So make the choice to be positive and you’ll see change happen.

2. Leadership

To be a good leader be a good person with love in your heart.   You must have more faith in your customers, your friends, family, and  team members than they have in themselves.  This will give them the confidence they need to achieve their goals.  Be a source of motivation. True leadership starts with the heart, with your character.  Leaders share and help others.  The more a leader does the more they benefit.  A leader must have a burning desire to succeed.  It is not a hope or a wish. It is a REALITY.  You’ll be successful if you just don’t quit. Last but not least a true leader conquers himself first.

3. Confidence

Confidence when broken down means ‘with faith’.  To be an effective in anything you do you must be a person with faith in yourself, your team, your products/services you provide.  It is not what you say it’s how you feel about whatever you are talking about The more you experience and can ‘feel’ and express those feelings the more confident you’ll come across to others. It is not all about knowing as feeling is much more powerful.  Visualize your future and your confidence will increase.  Adversity is a gift – use it to grow.  Forgive yourself, don’t keep yourself down.  You are what you are because of the dominating thoughts that you permit to occupy your mind – again it goes back to thoughts and your ability to control those thoughts.  Confidence is the partner of success. The foundation of all action is perseverance.  Victory of all kinds is preceded by preparation – make sure you do what you need to prepare as that will build your confidence and lead you to success.

4. Uniqueness

Each person has special talents and needs to use these talents.  Think about this – even identical twins have unique fingerprints. There is only one of you and you will never be repeated again.   Knowing yourself is true enlightenment.  Inside of you is a great person than you have ever dreamed of.  You have to love what you become in order to be successful. Leave an immortal footprint in the sand of time.   Use wisely your gift of choice. See life as a gift.

This ancient philosophy has significance to us today –  Everything starts with your DREAMS. Your dreams become your THOUGHTS. Your thoughts become your WORDS.  You words turn into your ACTIONS. You actions become HABITS. Your habits define WHO YOU ARE.  Who you are becomes your DESTINYTomorrow is a mystery. Yesterday is history. Today is a gift which is why they call it the present.  Tomorrow doesn’t start until you lay your head on your pillow tonight and start to dream.  So make the most of today. Before you go to bed think about what you want to dream of and start your tomorrow towards a new you.

*The above notes were taken from a speech given by Jack Kavulich at the Herbalife Extravanganza 2013. 

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