What’s in a Name?

Church in Braddan on the Isle of Man

Church in Braddan on the Isle of Man

How people got their name is interesting to me.  It is a good ice breaker.  It let’s you hear a story from that person next to you to learn something about them.

My first and middle name is Braddon Damien.

Many of my ancestors came from the Isle of Mann in England and many from the parish of Braddan.  My mom says this is where my first name came from she just changed it from an -an to -on.  I can’t find it at the moment but I believe I found a reference to a type of salmon in that region with the spelling of Braddon.  There are some surnames out there in the world with my first name and a suburb in Australia.  Since it is an uncommon name I often get called Brayden/Braden or Brandon.  Some refer to me as Brad as well.



Father DamienMy middle name has a bigger story.  The last four of us in our family were born in Hawaii.  My mom wanted us to have a name that related to our roots there so for myself it ended up being my middle name.  While pregnant with me my parents took a trip to the Island of Molokai.  This island was were they used to quarantine people who suffered from leprosy back in the 19th century.  A catholic priest, Father Damien, volunteered to be assigned here to help these people. He brought these people medical supplies, helped build schools, and of course religion.  He was canonized by the Catholic church and is considered the spiritual patron of outcasts and lepers.  He is also the unofficial saint of those who suffer from HIV/Aids.




Where did you get your name from? Why did your parents give you that name?

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  • Chriseda Crow

    Wow. Interesting story. Cool ice breaker too. I’ll have to use it.

    • braddon75

      Yeah..I think it’s great to hear how people got their names. Some times it is just a random name their parents had or a story behind it like mine but anyhow, it’s unique to you.

  • Lyle White

    I never thought about how interesting a given name could be and how it could be a good ice breaker. Funny thing is that I never even knew where your first name came from, you’d think I’d hear about it or ask at some point in my life.

    • Braddon

      Next time you get called to young men’s and need to do an ice breaker now you have one. :). So for 36 years you’ve called me by my name never wondering where it came from? Hmm. Well I guess I’m guilty too. Let’s see. I think I know well all but one siblings name came from. Your first and middle are easy.

  • GenericLizard

    Love this. It makes me want to dig into my name!

    • Braddon

      Do it Liz..and then come back and let me know where your name(s) came from. Some famous women in history with your name..but then again it could have been your mom’s favorite soap opera characters name..who knows! but that’s the fun in it all.