Ted Talk: Rosabeth Moss Kanter: 6 Keys to Leading Positive Change

I posted a Ted Talk a few weeks ago.   Ted Talks are given by people at the top of their industry, experts, and other leaders around the globe. Typically they last 15-20 minutes on a topic of the speaker’s choosing.   No matter what your walk of life, journey, and path you can usually find something to gain by watching a Ted Talk.

Here is one I shared with some leaders at my current job.  From the power of presence to the power of voice, leadership expert Rosabeth Moss Kanter describes how to navigate through the process of making a difference in the world.   I love how she sums up with 6 easy steps each of us can use to make a different in leading positive change:

  1. Show up

  2. Speak Up

  3. Look Up

  4. Team Up

  5. Never Give Up

  6. Lift Others Up

I encourage you to check out this short Ted Talk and hear what she has to say on these 6 keys to leading positive change.  No matter who you are, what you do, where you are at in life if we all apply these learning’s each of us has the power to affect those we come in contact with in a positive way.


What are your thoughts on this Ted Talk? What stands out to you?

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