How many Vodka Flavors do we need?

So I was at the store picking up a couple things and looking down the Vodka isle always makes me laugh.   I don’t drink often (actually haven’t for 52 days just because I felt like not drinking for a bit),  but when I do I like a simple regular vodka with maybe lemonade or something. I’m easy going like that – maybe a bloody mary but still with your typical regular vodka.   I always wondered what people do with all these Vodka flavors.  It doesn’t matter what brand you want you have multiple choices of flavors. Check out some of these available flavors!

 This is just 1/4 of the available Vodka at this store!!1/4 of the Vodka at this store



Here are a few flavors of Stoli Vodka from Russia. A lot of fruit flavors but also check out Honey and Jalapeno flavors!!  What drink do you make with these? I guess a bloody mary with the Jalapeno flavor?

Soli Stoli Stoli


Pearl has some different flavors than the norm – Pomegranate, Coconut, Mint Chocolate Chip, Wedding Cake, and Cucumber.



And then we have Absolut with Cilantro, Hibiscus  Cranberry and Plum mix

Cilantro, Hibiskus, Cranberry and Plum


Skyy loves their flavors and they even try to make it fancier by doing Infused Vodka rather than flavored vodka with infused flavors like grape, Moscato grape, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Ginger,  and Raspberry

Skyy infusions Skyy Infusions


Pinnacle has taken some of the flavors to a new level.   Check out their Whipped Collection that includes Caramel, cherry, key lime pie, and chocolate as well as their flavors such as cake, atomic hots, cookie dough, marshmallow and cotton candy.

Pinnacle Pinnacle Cotton Candy and Marshmellow


UV has some different flavors as well including Chocolate Cake, Candy Bar, Salty Watermelon,  and 103 – What flavor is 103??

UV crazy flavors


If you like sour flavors you can always go for Puckers line up with Sour Apple Sass, Raspberry Rave, Citrus Squeeze, Grape Gone Wild and more.

Puckers sour vodka flavors


KRU goes for the more modern labeling with their flavors of Wintergreen, Chocolate Truffle, Cucumber, and Peach Mango (Maybe I can mix some Herbalife Peach Mango Protein Mix with this for a drink??)  



Last but not least is 360 to round us out. They start with worldly flavors of Mandarin Orange and Sorrento Lemon but then they have it next to Buttered Popcorn and Glazed Donut

360 Glazed donut and buttered popcorn


What do you think? Do you use any of these flavors and if so what drinks do you make with them?   

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