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Recipe: Easy, inexpensive crockpot chili

I’m not a chef, never claim to be. I do try to eat clean and healthy a lot, lots of fresh fruit and veggies.  However, this recipe is a staple in our house. It’s easy, inexpensive, and makes a lot – plus saves as leftovers for awhile and continues to taste great for a week (though it never lasts more than a couple days here). You can get all these items for $20 or less and this will make... read more

Fruit Smoothie for the Punch you need in the Afternoon

I posted this to Instagram the other day and just made it again today and thought I’d share. I like to freeze some of my fresh fruit for use in smoothies later so I took some frozen fresh mango and banana, a fresh pear, a little Herbalife peach tea concentrate and Herbalife peach mango beverage mix. Add water and blend. Super smooth and great tasting snack to give you a little kick in the afternoon.... read more

Love salsa

I love salsa. I think I get it from my mom who could always be found eating salsa by itself with a spoon.   Last night I made a batch of Salsa with items I had on hand: Tomatillos Tomatoes Jalapeno Cilantro Yellow Onion Green Onion Garlic Lime Salt and Pepper This tool is one of my favorite in our kitchen.  It’s perfect for chopping everything up for some fresh salsa.     I don’t measure... read more