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Love the Beauty a Storm can Provide

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Gotta love that face!

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Bountiful Baskets

  After about a month hiatus because of travel and the holiday so happy to get back to Bountiful Baskets.  My body is going to thank me.  How do you incorporate produce into your daily meals?   Do you stick with the same items or try new stuff?   I’ve found that utilizing these baskets has helped me to try new produce I normally wouldn’t buy, incorporate a variety of good fruits and... read more

My pickle has a face. We shall call him Oliver.

  I know parents say you shouldn’t play with food but couldn’t help with this pickle and the face it came... read more

New Year…New Goals

  The new year is here.  Do your resolutions including eating healthier, making better nutrition choices, being more active, or any other health and wellness related goals?  Contact me to find out how easy it is to make small choices to change these from resolutions you’ll stop keeping in a few weeks to easy choices that will last a lifetime.   Create a lifestyle for yourself that is one of... read more

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